Melissa Foster Continues to Attack Other Authors

Since we exposed the truth behind Melissa Foster’s World Literary Café, we’ve been flooded with comments and questions from others who have experienced the same things we discussed. Increasingly, those who came forward expressed deep concern. It was no secret to them that Melissa Foster hid behind the supposed good things she was doing at World Literary Café while secretly lashing out because they too had been victimized by Foster.

Overwhelmingly, those we heard from wished they’d stepped forward long ago and told others about what Melissa Foster and others associated with her had done to them. Having experienced Foster’s viciousness and ruthlessness firsthand though, they were too afraid to say even privately, off the record, much more about what had happened to them. Mostly, it was because they feared further reprisals and retaliation from Melissa Foster and those associated with her, like Hugh Howey.

We got the sense that Foster’s threats weren’t just taking place online and it was these physical confrontations that were most feared. Whether physical confrontations were made by Foster or associates we were unable to confirm.

One person who we’ll call Sandy told us she was once in Melissa Foster’s inner circle and agreed to speak openly as long as we didn’t use her real name. Sandy also told us about threats made against her family. Threats that made her certain she’d stumbled into a criminal organization.

Sandy went on to tell us about various fast-money schemes operated by Melissa Foster and her associates out of World Literary Café. During our investigation into this and related matters, our member bloggers did find the over-priced “writing” and “self-publishing” courses and other paid offerings discussed.

Anyone who joined World Literary Café became a mark to bleed of cash or a target to bash. We were told authors who joined World Literary Café and bought into these paid offerings were left alone, while authors who joined World Literary Café but didn’t buy these offerings were targeted for take down. The goal according to Sandy was to make self-publishers who didn’t buy in feel like they couldn’t do anything right on their own.

According to Sandy, Foster was extremely petty. She used her inner circle and others to go after non-paying authors hard. The sign up process and profiles created by the authors themselves when they joined World Literary Café gave Foster the ammo she needed to do it, as it told Foster all about where they were active on social media, what books they’d published and where, etc.

Sandy said it was a shakedown. While the authors were targeted for harassment on social media and derogatory reviews, Foster was baiting them with smiles, trying to pull them deeper into the spider’s web. World Literary Café was telling them about special offerings that could help them self-publish.

Some, according to Sandy, got the nuclear option, meaning Foster wanted them gone, destroyed, out of the writing business. Sandy wasn’t sure how these were chosen. It seemed just as easily to be those who got on Melissa Foster’s bad side as those who were successful self-publishers that somehow got on Foster’s radar.

All of this struck a nerve with our members, but it was something Sandy said offhanded that struck deepest. It was about how often Foster talked about karma. How Foster believed the bad things someone did would come back, and how the good things someone did offset this.

Sandy said often when Foster was up to no good, Foster would also be on social media spreading positive, uplifting statements. Melissa Foster believed this was the way to ensure the bad things she did didn’t come back on her. It was her way of balancing the negativity caused by her misdeeds.

Needless to say, we were just floored by this. Help us spread the word about this fraud. Google Melissa Foster Fraud. Tell others.