The Fiverr Report Goes Live!

The online world is overrun with reviews that were bought and paid for. As a former marketing executive for a large East Coast firm, one of our member bloggers knows more about this dirty business than most people. The Fiverr Report blog is named for a company our blogger worked undercover at for two years where services, including review writing services, are bought and sold for $5.

Although The Fiverr Report gets its name from that computer, it is just one of dozens of companies selling review writing services. Stay tuned for updates from The Fiverr Report, including reports on:

Jennifer Probst – a previously self-published and New York Times bestselling author who bought reviews by the barrel full

Melissa Foster – a self-published, self-professed marketing expert who sells marketing courses but left out the parts about how she bought over two hundred and fifty reviews, even asking for reviews “as fast as you can provide them”

John Locke – a self-published and USA Today bestselling author, outed for buying several hundred reviews from a particular source but who neglected to mention the hundreds of other reviews bought from other sources

Cheryl Kaye Tardiff – a self-published kindle author who wrote a book about making over $42000 in a month on Amazon and also neglected to mention hundreds of reviews bought

As outraged as we are? Write some real reviews of these badly behaving authors and their books.